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Oberlander & Associates

Founded in 2000 with offices based in New York, our hospitality executive search firm services the global marketplace. For example, take a look at our highly specialized personal recruitment services. Our clients include some of the finest hotel, restaurant, spa and leisure companies in the world.  

Hospitality Executive Search

With expertise in hospitality, we tailor our search work to your needs and focus on today’s 360 degree brand experience. We’re here to guide the search process with your business goals and objectives top of mind. We raise the bar of excellence in service, creativity and expertise in executive search. For more info, feel free to visit our Facebook page and like us!

Management Consulting

Similarly, the quality of the guest experience is at the heart of a successful hospitality venture. With extensive background in the luxury hospitality business, our management consulting firm has proven experience optimizing performing properties. Above all, our management consulting experience has provided the knowledge base necessary to efficiently evaluate the areas of opportunity.