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  • Complete Operational Review

    Comprehensive analysis of existing operations, local competitive appraisal both existing and pending (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats).

  • Thorough Staff Assessment

    Interview key players and identify superstars, solid performers challenged individuals and casualties.
  • Budgeting and Controls Review

    Thorough review of all financial and access control mechanisms and efficacy.

  • Marketing Planning

    Determine effectiveness of marketing positioning, programs and direction.
    Determine Sales effectiveness.
  • Benchmark Setting

    Develop revised strategy and required tactics.
  • Goal-Setting “The Vision”

    Explore and solidify objectives and articulate a new “Vision” in partnership with all stakeholders.
  • New Building Renovation and Design

    Identify professionals required and refine budgets. Obtain required permits. Approach Financial Participants.
  • New Operational Standards

    Craft comprehensive conceptual document for buy-in of all team members both internal and external.
  • Results Analysis

    Develop all financial projections to determine feasibility/viability.
  • Periodic Assessments and Re-Focus

    Revisit all assumptions and monitor progress, metrics.