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Nancy has been associated with Oberlander & Associates executive recruiting since its inception in 1999. She is the steady voice of reason when faced with computer crashes, precious lost documents, or creating our client presentations. Nancy is instrumental in ensuring our executive recruiting company runs smoothly 24/7. She is our IT expert. There is not a computer problem we have come up with that she can’t resolve either on site or remotely. Nancy keeps us sane.

Nancy’s studies were in the field of Accounting. Computers became her passion and is her specialty. Prior Nancy worked for Standard Homeopathic in Quebec Canada. She was then recruited by John V. Carr which later morphed into Air Express International. Nancy ran the Online Help Desk for the North American offices. Simultaneously she also managed the Sales office teaching the team how to create animated presentations, write reports, and best practices on the utilization of the company software.

Nancy began her computer services consulting operation in 1998 on a part time basis. Demand was so great for her services that she turned her passion into full blown profession. Subsequently, Nancy grew her successful enterprise to it’s current roster of over 225 clients.

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